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  1. A new article has recently appeared on the Dovetail Live website regarding the Class 390 EMU and states that it is coming soon to Train Simulator in a re-worked state along with an appropriate livery. There are no images or a great deal to comment on at this time, but as one of the older models available for Train Simulator, a re-worked version with more features would certainly be welcome in my collection!
    You can read the article by clicking here.

    © Snazzyskips - Wikimedia Commons

  2. In this showcase we feature the excellent Great Eastern Main Line route, available from the Steam Workshop and as seen in 2004. Although at this time National Express have recently taken over the Greater Anglia franchise under their 'ONE' brand, the line is awash with a kaleidoscope of different liveries. Part 2 of this showcase takes us from Colchester to London Liverpool Street and despite it being more difficult due to a lack of stock available for use on suburban services, we still manage to capture some variety.

    47818, still in Virgin livery is stabled at Colchester Depot while on 'Thunderbird' duties - February 2004