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Train Traffic Control

Train Traffic Control – It takes a lot to get trains back and forth across the country without crashing. The people behind these giant trains are the train traffic controllers. Now you have the chance to see first hand what it takes to be one of these amazing people.

It is now your job to direct each train that comes into your train yard safely to their destination. You will be alerted when a train is coming in. Click on the red and green lights to either stop the train or allow it to pass through. Stop at stations for extra points. Do not crash into any oncoming trains or buildings or your game will be over.

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Sotetsu Line Simulator

Sotetsu Line Simulator – In Asia, commuter trains are a very popular form of transportation. That is why you have always wanted to be a train driver. The importance of making sure people get to their destinations on time has always intrigued you. Now that you are old enough to drive a train, it is time for you to take control and head out into the open railways. See what it is really like to control one of these big trains.

As your game begins, you will have to wait for the OK to head out. Once you have it, it is time for you to begin moving towards your next train stop. Use the arrow keys to control your train’s speed and stopping.

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