Train Simulator 2017 - Sound Demonstrations





Whenever a new item of rolling stock is released, the most common question seen around the internet is 'What are the sounds like?' Naturally, DLC for Train Simulator 2015 costs a lot of money and people want the ability to make an informed decision before purchasing a new product.
This page will now feature demonstration videos for stock, featuring the sounds as they are shipped with the product, allowing users to observe a simple demonstration of the basic sounds provided with each model. Requests can also be made if appropriate, and these will be added to the page. If you would like to request a demonstration, please use the 'Contact Us' feedback form, a link to which can be found at the bottom of the page.
Class 37 - West Highland Line Version - Thomson Interactive
Available from the Steam Store
Class 35 Hymek - Dovetail Games
Available from the Steam Store
Class 101 Regional Railways - Dovetail Games
Available from the Steam Store
*Due to the use of video recording software, this takes up a large proportion of system resources and the graphical options are reduced to make the videos. The graphical quality of the video does not represent a true reflection of the modelling quality and the videos are intended solely for an audio demonstration.