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Established in 2008, DPSimulation are a respected and well known creator of addons for Train Simulator 2014 and the previous incarnations, Rail Simulator and Railworks. These days, DPSimulation concentrate the majority of their efforts on freeware for the community but have in the past created routes such as Newcastle to York "Modern", Bristol to Exeter and Totham for Just Trains, as well as creating numerous projects alongside the creators of the software, RailSimulator.com

Initially creating content and uploading to community websites such as UKTrainsim, in 2010 DPSimulation purchased their own domain at www.dpsimulation.org.uk in order to provide an alternative resource for their own addons and those from around the community. All downloads are permanently free and high speed with no queues or reduced speeds.

DPSimulation -         www.dpsimulation.org.uk
DPSimulation Blog -    www.dpsimulation.blogspot.co.uk
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Why are your add-ons free when others are charging?

We recognise that many people these days are struggling to make ends meet so try to provide as much content as we can at no further cost to the user. We also recognise that people do spend an awful lot of money on add-ons for Train Simulator 2014, so try to complement these purchases by making full use of what is contained within them in order to provide further value for money from what you buy.

What do you gain by creating add-ons and giving them away?

We are not interested in what we can gain, more what you as the user can gain from us. We have had a lot of enjoyment from train simulation over the last 12 years or so, much of it provided by others at no extra cost. Our service is just a way of continuing this. If you are happy with what we provide, then we are happy.

I know you say your add-ons are free, but much of it does require payware....

This is a by-product of the current simulation market, a large majority of the content is payware, however, 99% of this content is not what some would regard as complete. A payware train may not have all of the liveries for example. A payware route may not have a complete network or it may only have a small handful of less than prototypical scenarios provided with it. We aim to fill these gaps and by not requesting any further charge, we believe that this gives extra value on your initial purchase and therefore provides many more hours of use. We also do have downloads available on this site that are truly free, and require no payware whatsoever.

So your content is free, why is there a donation button?

To be blunt, it's simple economics. We provide the website to you to use for free, all of our downloads are free and at high speed and more importantly, they require no sign up and no personal details, you can simply click the download button and receive our add-ons. All of this comes at a cost, to us, whether it be website hosting, bandwidth or hosting space for our expanding library of content. With the rapidly increasing userbase of Train Simulator 2014, our traffic has grown immensely, especially over the last 12 months. More content means more visitors, more visitors means more downloads and this means our costs constantly increase month on month.

Although we try to cover our costs as best as we can through things such as advertising, this doesn't provide all of the resources we need to keep the site running so we provide an option for users to donate. No matter how small, all donations are truly appreciated and all are placed in one single Paypal account and used to contribute to our costs.

To put it simply, donations are crucial to the future of the site and the add-ons it provides. If there comes a time when the outgoings exceed income and I cannot make up the shortfall personally, the site would close.