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Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 1

Following months of development and with the community eagerly awaiting it's release, the Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 1 is now available to purchase. Featuring 22 liveries, 2 main variants and all 129 refurbished locomotives represented with their numerous visual differences, this pack opens up an almost limitless array of scenario opportunities. To purchase this new pack, visit the Armstrong Powerhouse website by clicking here.

  • AP37VOL15
  • AP37VOL19
  • AP37VOL18
  • AP37VOL17

    Cornish Main Line

    The eagerly anticipated Cornish Main Line route from Just Trains has now been released. Covering the 78 mile line between Plymouth and Penzance, the route is available both as a standalone route and as an extension to the popular Western Mainlines route. This massive routebuilding effort means it is now possible to drive uninterrupted from London Paddington to Penzance. Click here for more information about this new release.

    • JTCML4
    • JTCML9
    • JTCML8
    • JTCML6
    • JTCML3

      Promontory Summit Route

      The latest release from Smokebox has arrived in the form of the spectacular Promontory Summit add-on. This 68 mile route captures a glorious era of railroading on the Transcontinental Railroad from Corinne, Utah over Promontory Summit and along the north shore of the Great Salt Lake to Kelton, Utah. Click here for more details about this outstanding new route.

      • PROM4
      • PROM8
      • PROM5
      • PROM7
      • PROM6
      • PROM2
      • PROM3
      • PROM1

        Hudson Line: New York – Croton-Harmon

        The latest route for Train Simulator has now been released and features the famed Hudson Line route extending from New York City to Croton-Harmon, New York. Click here for more details.

        • HLNY4
        • HLNY7
        • HLNY6
        • HLNY5
        • HLNY3
        • HLNY2
        • HLNY1

          TSW - Main Spessart Bahn: Aschaffenburg - Gemünden

          The latest route for Train Sim World has now been released and features the scenic 52 km route of the Main Spessart Bahn route from Aschaffenburg to Gemünden. Click here for more details.

          • MSB06
          • MSB02
          • MSB08
          • MSB07
          • MSB05

            North Wales Coastal Route Extension

            An extension to the popular North Wales Coastal has now been released which adds the remaining section between Llandudno and Holyhead. Requiring you to own the original North Wales Coastal route, this new release is priced at £9.99. For more information click here.

            • NWCCH04
            • NWCCH02
            • NWCCH01
            • NWCCH03

              North East England - Released

              The long awaited North East England route has now been released and features over 80 miles of driveable track between York and Darlington, Darlington and Eaglescliffe and Northallerton and Hartlepool. Click here to view the route page.

              • NEEYO5
              • NEEYO4
              • NEEYO3
              • NEEYO2
              • NEEYO1
              • NEEYO6

                Victory Works - GWR Pannier Tank Pack

                Victory Works have released the latest in their impressive line advanced locomotives with the eagerly anticipated GWR Pannier Tank Pack. For more information about this new release click here.

                • GWRPANN2
                • GWRPANN1
                • GWRPANN4
                • GWRPANN3
                • GWRPANN5

                  Railways of Devon 1985 - Era-Specific Quick Drive

                  We now now released the all new era-specific Quick Drive for the excellent Railways of Devon 1985 route from Vulcan Productions. To view and download this new release, click here.

                  • DPS_VP 1985 QD 04
                  • DPS_VP 1985 QD 02
                  • DPS_VP 1985 QD 05
                  • DPS_VP 1985 QD 06
                  • DPS_VP 1985 QD 03
                  • DPS_VP 1985 QD 01

                    Vulcan Productions - Railways of Devon 1985

                    Our friends at Vulcan Productions have been very busy over the last few days with the release of a range of Christmas freebies. The final release is the wonderful 'Railways of Devon 1985' route, a regression of the DTG Riviera Line to the mid-eighties and it is absolutely wonderful and well worth a look. Head over to Vulcan Productions now by clicking here.

                    • VPRL851
                    • VPRL855
                    • VPRL856
                    • VPRL853
                    • VPRL854
                    • VPRL852
                      Clickable image to visit our friends at Vulcan Productions.