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richard fletcher (rf72) - EMU reskins

As the majority of reskins listed below are for payware products, certain files must be omitted for security reasons. Each download will contain a set of specific instructions to help you install the content. All files listed below are in compressed format and will need to be unpacked with an archiving program, we recommend 7-Zip which is completely free and can be downloaded from here.

Certain items on this page use decals with permission from Vulcan Productions. Visit the VP website by clicking here.

Class 303 'GMPTE Blue Grey'

Class 303 'GMPTE Orange'

class 319 FCC Thameslink 'Pinky Perky'

Class 319 'Network Southeast'

Class 319 'Network Southeast'

Class 319 'Northern Rail'

class 319 'southern'

class 319 'Southern/FCC'

Class 319 'Thameslink Southern Great Northern'

Class 319 'Visit Switzerland'

Class 321 'Greater Anglia' (Blue & Red Doors)

Class 321 'FCC Great Northern'

Class 350/4 'First Transpennine Express'

Class 350/1 'London Midland'

Class 350/2 & Class 350/3 'London Midland'

Class 365 'FCC Cambridge & Ely'

Class 365 'FCC Great Cities of Hertfordshire'

Class 365 'FCC Peterborough'

Class 365 'FCC Nelson's County, Norfolk'

Class 365 FCC Great Northern

Class 365 'GTR Grey Great Northern'

Class 365 'Thameslink Southern Great Northern'

Class 374 'Eurostar'

Class 377 'southern' additional variants

Class 377/5 'Thameslink FCC Blue'

  • tl_3775_1
  • tl_3775_2

    Class 378 'London Overground'

    Class 378 MSO 'Unwrapped' Vinyl

    Class 387/1 'Thameslink'

    Class 387/2 'Gatwick Express'

    Class 387/3 'c2c'

    Class 415/416 4EPB 'BR Blue'

    Class 415/2 'BR Blue' & 415/6 'BR blue grey'

    • 4151
    • 4152

      Class 415/6 'BR Green'

      Class 421 4CIG 'Connex'

      Class 421 4CIG 'South Central'

      Class 421 4CIG 'South West Trains'

      Class 423 4VEP Early Blue 3417

      Class 423 4VEP 'Connex'

      Class 423 4VEP 'South Central/Southern'

      Class 423 4VEP 'South West Trains'

      Class 427 4VEG 'Blue Grey Gatwick'

      Class 442 5WES 'Network Southeast'

      • 4421
      • 4422

        Class 444 'gatwick express'

        Class 455 'Southern'

        Class 455/8 SWT 'Stagecoach Stripes'

        Class 456 'Network SouthEast'

        Class 456 'Network SouthEast Unbranded'

        Class 456 'South West Trains'

        Class 465/2 and 465/9 'SET' Black Stripe

        Class 465/2 and 465/9 'SET' Blue Stripe

        Manchester Metrolink M5000 LRV

        Download Here: (10mb)   Metrolink M5000

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