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East Coast Main Line - North East

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    Originally available on the Steam Workshop, East Coast Mainline: North East is a complete modernisation of the original East Coast Main Line route that was included with early incarnations of Railworks and latterly Train Simulator.

    Depicting the period around 2013, this modernisation features a complete replacement of track, along with rationalisation where required to reflect the modern layout. The route has been completely resignalled with correct numbering and catenary has been added using the latest available tools. Older foliage has been replaced with newer variations, and the route now utilises the GEML texture set, allowing greater variation during the ongoing development.

    As well as the modernisation of the original 80 mile line between Newcastle and York, extensions have been added on the Tees Valley Line between Darlington and Middlesbrough, an extension between Newcastle and Swalwell Junction via MetroCentre, an extension between York and East Garforth and an extension from Newcastle to Heaton Depot, allowing a natural start/finish point for scenarios. Track has also been included on other portions of the route in anticipation of future scenery additions.

    Finally, a whole array of custom models have been produced and placed in the route in various locations. These include bespoke station models at Middlesbrough, Eaglescliffe, Teesside Airport, MetroCentre, Church Fenton, Ulleskelf and East Garforth. There are also many new landmarks included as well as general lineside and clutter models. Some of these models are currently incomplete, and may only have basic textures, this does not detract from the enjoyment of using the route.

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