Train Simulator 2018 Rolling Stock



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 Rolling Stock

Content on this page was created before TS2012 when content such as Newcastle to York, Oxford to Paddington and their related assets was included as part of the base package. With the release of TS2013 and it's subsequent updates, and the streamlining of content, these items are not included for new users meaning certain items on this page may require external packages.

The most likely requirement for this content will be couplers, which reside in the original Kuju folder. This Kuju content can be purchased for a small fee here. However, before you purchase, its also worth noting that this content is included at no extra cost in many top quality routes from the same Steam Store, routes such as WCML North, Portsmouth Direct among many others.

For any existing users that owned an incarnation of Train Simulator/Railworks before TS2013, you are unaffected by the changes and this content should work fine.

All rolling stock is packaged in .rar format and these files can be unpacked using free software. Two recommendations are
Winrar or 7-Zip.
Each individual package contains a readme text document which contains more information and further instructions.

CXV BR 11t Gunpowder Vans by malkymackay
Download Here:    CXV BR 11t Gunpowder Vans
CGO 20t Unfitted Grain Hopper by malkymackay
Download Here:    CGO 20t Unfitted Grain Hopper
ZJV Mermaid 14t Ballast Tipper  by malkymackay
Download Here:-   ZJV Mermaid 14t Ballast Tipper
BCO Bolster C Pack  by malkymackay


Download Here:-   BCO Bolster C Pack

BCV Bolster C Pack  by malkymackay


Download Here:-   BCV Bolster C Pack

BEV Bolster E Pack  by malkymackay


Download Here:-    BEV Bolster E Pack


OHV 13t Highfit Wagon  by malkymackay


Download Here:-     OHV 13t Highfit

TSV TS021A & TS029A 35t Tanks  by malkymackay


Download Here:-    TSV TS021A & TS029A 35t Tanks   

TTV 2-Axle Tanks by malkymackay


Download Here:-   TTV 2-Axle Tanks

BDV Bolster D Pack by malkymackay


Download Here:-     BDV Bolster D Pack

BPV Boplate E Pack by malkymackay


Download Here:-      BPV Boplate E Pack

FEV Conflat E Coke by malkymackay


Download Here:-     FEV Conflat E Coke