wagons by malcolm mackay

All files listed below are in compressed format and will need to be unpacked with an archiving program, we recommend 7-Zip which is completely free and can be downloaded from here.

Although all of the wagons listed below are completely free, they do require the Euro Loco & Asset Pack from Steam, more information on this pack can be found by by clicking here. Prior to Train Simulator 2012 this was included for everyone so many long time users will already own it. It also comes with many popular routes such as WCML North, WCML Over Shap and the Portsmouth Direct Line.

BCO Bolster C

Download Here:   BCO Bolster C Pack

BCV Bolster C

Download Here:   BCV Bolster C Pack

BDV Bolster D

Download Here:     BDV Bolster D Pack

BEV Bolster E

Download Here:    BEV Bolster E Pack

BPV Boplate E

Download Here:     BPV Boplate E Pack

CGO 20t Unfitted Grain Hopper

Download Here:    CGO 20t Unfitted Grain Hopper

CXV BR 11t Gunpowder Vans

Download Here:    CXV BR 11t Gunpowder Vans

FEV Conflat E Coke

Download Here:     FEV Conflat E Coke

OHV 13t Highfit

Download Here:     OHV 13t Highfit

TSV TS021A & TS029A 35t Tanks

Download Here:    TSV TS021A & TS029A 35t Tanks

TTV 2-Axle Tanks

Download Here:   TTV 2-Axle Tanks

ZJV Mermaid 14t Ballast Tipper