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    The iconic Class 180 ‘Adelante’ speeds into Train Simulator in distinctive Grand Central Trains livery.

    The five-car sets were built by Alstom at their Washwood Heath plant between 2000 and 2001 for First Great Western, who wanted to increase the frequency of their express services between London Paddington and South Wales, and became part of the Coradia 1000 family, alongside the popular Class 175.

    Nicknamed ‘Adelante’ by First Group, the Class has had a chequered career, being late into service in the early 2000s and returns to their leasing company, Angel Trains, ahead of schedule in 2009. Subsequently, they were assigned to other train operators and in 2012, five sets were refurbished by First Great Western.

    In total, only 14 sets were built and despite their reliability problems, are still in operation today for Grand Central Trains, First Great Western and First Hull Trains. They are capable of reaching 125 mph (201 km/h) thanks to a Cummins QSK19 diesel engine, identical to the engine fitted to the Class 220 ‘Voyager’. The ‘Adelante’ is also unique in being the only diesel-powered high speed train in the World that has a diesel-hydraulic transmission.

    The Class 180 ‘Adelante’ for Train Simulator is available in Grand Central Trains’ black livery and includes features usually seen on high speed trains, including signal bell, open/close coupling hatch, DRA, instrument lights, glare panel, headlight control, vehicle overspeed, brake gauge, DSD reset pedal and working TMS system.


    • Class 180 ‘Adelante’ in Grand Central Trains livery
    • Signal bell
    • Open/close coupling hatch
    • DRA
    • Instrument lights
    • Glare panel
    • Headlight control
    • Vehicle overspeed
    • Brake gauge
    • DSD reset pedal
    • Working TMS system
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 scenarios for the East Coast Main Line: London-Peterborough route, also available on Steam.


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