N15 King Arthur Class ‘Sir Lamiel’ Loco Add-On

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    Become King of the railway with the new N15 King Arthur Class for Train Simulator, recreating the only preserved locomotive in the Class, ‘Sir Lamiel’.

    The N15 Class was born from a need of the London & South Western Railway for more powerful express passenger locomotives that could cope with increasing train loads on the long and arduous West Country routes of the UK. The result was the N15 class design, completed by the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the L&SWR, Robert W Urie.

    A total of 74 ‘King Arthurs’ were built between 1919 and 1926, although during this time the design was changed when the Southern Railway absorbed the L&SWR during ‘grouping’. Later batches of the Class were built by different works and with updated designs to make them more efficient and streamlined.

    Early versions of the N15 Class were named after the Knights of the Round Table, hence their ‘King Arthur’ nickname, a tag that set them apart from other express steam locomotives of the time.

    Withdrawal of the class began in 1953 with the last locomotive retired from service in 1962. However, one ‘King Arthur’ – Sir Lamiel – was saved from the scrapyard and has been preserved as part of the National Collection in the UK. The locomotive currently resides at the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire and regularly runs mainline tours.

    The N15 King Arthur Class ‘Sir Lamiel’ for Train Simulator is available in BR Brunswick Green livery and recreates the locomotive as it appeared in 2012 running rail tours on the UK rail network as a preserved locomotive. Also included are BR Mk1 coaches in chocolate and cream livery.


    • N15 King Arthur Class ‘Sir Lamiel’ in BR Brunswick Green livery
    • BR Mk1 coaches in chocolate and cream livery, including First, Second, Tourist Open, Restaurant Mini Buffet, Brake Second, Brake First and Brake Guard
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 scenarios for the West Somerset Railway route, also available on Steam.





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