Railway Webcams - Germany, Switzerland & Poland

Scroll down for a list of free to view live railway webcams based in Germany, Switzerland and Poland. Simply click the image alongside each description to visit your chosen location.


Hanover Hauptbahnhof

Features live video of Hannover Hauptbahnhof in Lower Saxony, Germany. A regular tram service can also be seen in the foreground.

Plattling Bahnhof

Features live video of Plattling Bahnhof in eastern Lower Bavaria along with the adjacent goods yard.



Features live video with stunning views of the Brusio spiral viaduct, a signature structure of the World Heritage-listed Bernina railway in Switzerland.


Features live video of Hauptbahnhof Zürich although recent construction work in the foreground has started to hamper the view somewhat.



Features live video of the railway as it crosses a bridge in Koszalin, Poland.


Features live video of the railway station in Rzeszów, Poland.

Warsaw West

Features live video of Warsaw West railway station in Warsaw, Poland.


Features live video of the railway lines near the station in Wejherowo, Poland.