Train Sim World 2 Great Western Express

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    Train Sim World 2: Great Western Express brings to life the experience of driving high speed and commuter passenger trains on one of Britain’s busiest railways. Take control of the iconic Great Western Railway HST and command it to 125mph along the Great Western Main Line out of London's Paddington Main Line Station.

    You’ve been invited to work for Great Western Railway as a driver on one of Britain’s busiest railways. With a timetable to keep and thousands of passengers to transport on-time, your skill, focus and endurance will be tested to the limit. Departing the busy London Paddington terminus, you'll have to negotiate the intense traffic and adverse signals, keeping to rule and your nerve.

    Experience a full ‘day-in-the-life’, in Timetable Mode, which features the recreation of an entire 24-hour timetable based on real-world activities. Hop on and off a range of services as they carry out their duties. Take control or ride along, the choice is yours.

    Powered by Dovetail Games’ proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine and Unreal Engine 4® technology, Train Sim World 2 uses real-world data to accurately replicate the performance, sounds and feel of real trains.

    Catering for players of all ability levels with accessible tutorials for beginners and advanced procedures for experts. Climb into the cabs of three very different locomotives, experience the thrill of high speeds or the pressure of arriving on-time. Live out your dreams exploring the highly detailed and immersive environment, access all areas in Great Western Express!

    Please note: Train Sim World 2 is required, as a separate purchase, in order to utilise this content. As this is part of the Preserved Collection, features remain as they were in the original release.


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