LMS Rebuilt Patriot Class Steam Loco Add-On

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    Much like its predecessor, the Royal Scot, the Patriot Class was built for the London Midland and Scottish Railway to undertake express passenger duties. It was designed by Sir Henry Fowler, and put simply, it was a combination of the newer Royal Scot’s chassis with the boiler and driving wheels coming from the older Large Claughton locomotives. The Class of 52 Patriots were built between 1930 and 1934.

    Then, following in the footsteps of the Royal Scots, select Patriot locomotives were rebuilt by the LMS, and later British Railways, to follow the more modern design of Sir William Stanier featuring the type 2A boiler, a new cab and tender. This rebuild gave locomotives a new lease of life, as they could take advantage of the latest improvements, and also be standardised in order to reduce maintenance costs.

    Despite a career spanning decades, no rebuilt or original Patriots survived into preservation – their legacy only living on in memory and historic photographs – until now; Bossman Games’ Rebuilt Patriot joins the line-up of faithfully recreated Stanier-designed workhorses, and brings more classic steam to virtual life!


    • A Selection of 15 Rebuilt Patriot Class nameplates
    • Authentic audio
    • 4 authentic liveries:
      • LMS Plain Black
      • LMS Post-War Black
      • BR Green
      • BR Black
    • Welded and Riveted Tenders
    • Customisable lamp arrangement (locomotive and tender)
    • A selection of 30 headboards including:
      • The Great Britain
      • The Cathedrals Express
      • Cumbrian Mountain Express
      • The North Wales Coast Express
      • Welsh Marches Express
      • The Royal Scot
      • The Mid-Day Scot
      • The Northern Irishman
      • The Royal Highlander
    • Customisable loco numbers, controlling the following features:
      • Number
      • Nameplate (automatically selected by the loco's number)
      • Smoke Deflector types/deflectors on or off
      • Shed plate code
      • Lamp codes (front and rear)
      • Headboards
      • Yellow cab stripe
      • Locomotive condition
    • Realistic performance physics
    • Realistic regulator and steam chest simulation
    • Vacuum Brake Ejectors
    • AWS simulation
    • Injector simulation
    • Gauge Glass blowdown
    • Realistic adhesion model
    • Stunning fire and smoke effects
    • Directional sanders
    • Functioning isolation valves in cab
    • Steam heat simulation
    • Opening cab doors, windows and vents
    • Gauge vibrations at speed
    • Performance mode for less powerful PCs
    • Water Scoop
    • Automatic Fireman
    • 4 engaging career scenarios for the Riviera Line in the Fifties and Western Lines of Scotland routes, also available on Steam
    • 25 Quick Drive consists



    LMS Rebuilt Patriot Manual

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