Montana Hi-Line: Shelby to Havre

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    The eastern segment of BNSF’s famed and busy Hi-Line Subdivision crosses the magnificent and fertile high plains of Montana – and the remarkable experiences of railroading in America’s “Big Sky Country” now comes to Train Simulator with the Montana Hi-Line route!

    The Hi-Line Subdivision is a key part of BNSF's bustling northern transcontinental main line stretching between Chicago and Seattle. It was built in the late 19th century by James J. Hill's Great Northern Railway and is the northernmost of the transcontinental railroads in the United States.

    The Train Simulator Montana Hi-Line route extends between Havre to Shelby, Montana, a distance of 108 route miles. Both Havre and Shelby are important junction and yard locations on the BNSF. Havre is also home to a large maintenance and shops complex which is masterfully re-created in the route.

    The Montana Hi-Line route features a mix of single- and double-track main line that is host to a constant flow of rail traffic, particularly intermodal and grain movements. Amtrak's Empire Builder passenger train also runs on this line with scheduled stops at Havre and Shelby. High line speeds (79 mph for passenger and 60 mph for freight), the heavy volume of rail traffic, and a sawtooth gradient profile with frequent climbs and drops of up to 1% make the route a real challenge for the engineer! Lineside grain elevators at nearly every station along the way provide numerous local freight and switching opportunities and the route also features two rapid-loading grain loop tracks at Chester, Montana.

    The Train Simulator Montana Hi-Line route includes three diesel locomotive types perfectly suited for mainline, local, and switching operations: The BNSF General Electric ES44DC; Electro-Motive GP38-2; and EMD SW1500. The GP38-2 is provided in dynamic-brake-equipped and non-dynamic-brake versions and the SW1500 is included in BNSF and “patched” BN liveries.

    Note: The Montana Hi-Line route is available worldwide. Due to licensing restrictions, BNSF markings will appear only on content distributed to U. S. customers.

    Created by accomplished route developer VNH, the Montana Hi-Line route also features more than 20 types of modern and authentic freight cars including intermodal stack cars, multiple types of 3-bay grain covered hoppers, and a unique fuselage flatcar with idler flatcar

    Bustling, challenging, and scenic, the Train Simulator Montana Hi-Line route promises you countless realistic and enjoyable railroading experiences amid America’s Big Sky Country!

    Key Features

    • The eastern portion of BNSF’s famed Hi-Line Subdivision extending 108 miles between Havre and Shelby, Montana
    • Busy single- and double-track main line with challenging saw-tooth gradient profile
    • Major yards and terminal facilities at Havre and Shelby
    • Rapid-loading grain loop tracks at Chester
    • Numerous lineside grain elevators
    • BNSF General Electric ES44DC diesel locomotive
    • BNSF Electro-Motive GP38-2 (two variants)
    • BNSF EMD SW1500 (two liveries)
    • A selection of more than 20 authentic freight car types
    • Nine realistic career scenarios
    • Quick drive compatible


    Montana Hi-Line: Shelby to Havre Manual

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