RhB Enhancement Pack 04

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    From the talent that is Rivet Games, their next Swiss expansion comes in the form of the RhB Enhancement Pack 04!

    As is tradition set by previous RhB Enhancement Packs, the star of the show is a brand new locomotive, and this time the unique RhB Ge 6/6 II is included for Surselva and Albula Line operations…

    The RhB Ge 6/6 II dates back to the 1950s and was designed to haul freight, taking over from older locomotives that were not powerful enough to meet demands – particularly during the construction of the Bergell power station, which required around 1000 tonnes of cement a day to stay on schedule.

    A new locomotive would be designed to haul 250 tonnes up the challenging gradients of the Albula Railway, this loco would feature a Bo’Bo’Bo wheel configuration, allowing for plenty of distributed power suitable for hauling freight. The first two were delivered in 1958 and were given the Ge 6/6 II classification (meaning is was the second type of electric loco of the RhB to feature six axles, all of which are powered).

    In 1965, an additional 5 locomotives were built, and for a time the fleet were used on fast passenger trains. Since the 1990s, when the Ge 4/4 III was introduced, the 6/6 IIs have been downgraded back to freight and secondary passenger duties, and despite their age all of them are still in service today.

    With Rivet Games’ RhB Enhancement Pack 04, you’ll be able to take charge of mixed-traffic trains aboard the Ge 6/6 II, hauling in-tow EW4 A & B passenger coaches and a baggage coach for tourist’s belongings, across the virtual RhB network.

    Key Features

    • RhB Ge 6/6 II electric locomotive in RhB livery
    • EW4 A & B passenger coaches
    • Baggage coach
    • Career and Railfan Mode scenarios for the Surselva and Albula Lines
    • Quick Drive Compatible



    RhB Enhancement Pack 04 Manual

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