Surselva Line: Reichenau-Tamins - Disentis/Mustér Route Add-On

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    Also known as the Oberländerlinie (Highland Line), the 50km railway from Reichenau-Tamins to Disentis/Mustér traverses the challenging and eye-catching Rhine Gorge. Built in the early 1900s, this iconic metre-gauge line today acts as a key corridor for both regional, express and freight services, and you can explore it in Train Simulator!

    After being proposed in 1890, the railway via the Rhine Gorge was built in sections, with the first opening in 1903. Its construction time was delayed by many factors, including the higher priority construction of the Albula Line around the same time, as well as the difficult, brittle and flood-prone terrain. Many of the local materials were not suitable to build the line, with lots having to be imported from other, distant quarries.

    When finally finished, the Surselva Line boasted a 1.6% grade, plenty of bespoke infrastructure, and fantastic views. It could not only serve as a tourism line, with unmatched access to the mountainous terrain, but also allowed for Anterior Rhine industries to flourish along the route.

    The Surselva Line runs roughly east to west, branching off from the line towards Thusis at Reichenau-Tamins, before entering into something of a dance with the Rhine and Ruinaulta gorges, crossing the terrain by means of viaducts, tunnels and sweeping curves.

    Serving a total of 13 stations, there’s plenty of passenger operations on the Surselva Line, as well as local freight traffic, and Rivet Games have brought this picturesque line to life Train Simulator!

    Key Features

    • 50km route from Reichenau-Tamins to Disentis/Mustér
    • RhB L type signalling system with custom designed signal models and features
      • Animated Brake Test and Abfahrbefehl (departure indicators)
      • Operating "Besetztes Gleis" indicators for entering occupied platforms
      • Three state ground signals that function correctly between main signals
      • ZSI Safety System track magnets and in-cabin equipment
      • Passenger request stop functionality
    • New building models to capture the unique architecture of the region
    • New catenary models to represent the unique style of the overhead line equipment
    • Custom bridge and tunnel portal models designed to accurately represent the
      stunning engineering of the route
    • 13 Highly detailed station models designed from our survey of the route in 2019 along
      with many other feature models along the Surselva line
    • New Sb-t and Sl wagons with various loads are included
    • 9 Career Scenarios and 2 Railfan Mode scenarios
    • Quick Drive Compatible

    Surselva Line Manual

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